Massage & Spa

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Classic medical massage

Powerfull MELISSA massage oil contains natural herbal oils of the sunflower and soybean, enriched with E vitamin. It brings back skin’s natural shine, tenderness and flexibility. It eases the body and soul and caresses with a pleasant scent.

  • 15 mins=    7 €
  • 30 mins=  14 €
  • 45 mins=  16 €
  • 60 mins=  20 €

Antistress massage with lavander and tangerine essential oil

This particular massage completely calms, relaxes and brings back the energy to all skin types exposed to stress. Chosen essential oils of lavander and grapefruit combined with the mild and pleasant tangerine scent does good for your body and soul.

  • 30 mins= 14 €
  • 60 mins= 23 €

Massage for an extremely dry skin

Sweet orange massage oil nourishes, enforces and renews your skin, restores its tension and protects from further drying. Astonishing scent powers up your mood.

  • 30 mins= 14 €
  • 60 mins= 23 €

Reflex foot massage

Ancient energy massage for a natural healing and relaxing the complete body. Stimulates the bloodstream and andocrine system. At the same time it activates and paces vital organs functions. As a result, you get back your body and mind harmony along with your overall health.

  • 20 mins= 14 €


Treatments & peelings



Body peeling

Peeling effectively removes dead skin cells, and a good massage during the treatment brings back skin’s moist and shiny appearance. Peeling also greatly benefits to your skin bloodstream which helps in cellulite removal.

The treatment combines:

    • complete body peeling using honey and brown sugar based preparation
    • relaxing 45 minute complete body massage using grape oils
    • duration of the treatment: 60 minutes
    • price: 28 €


Milk & Honey treatment

Unique high valuable fruits of nature caught in a scented synergy: royal jelly extract, shea butter, coconut milk and oil provide intensive renewal of dry skin. It is beneficial for people of all ages and it gives an unforgetable wellness experience. Since ancient times, milk and honey treatments are known for luxurious tenderness and pleasure.

The treatment combines:

    • MILK & HONEY body peeling
    • MILK & HONEY body mask
    • relaxing 45 minute complete body massage MILK & HONEY massage butter
    • duration of the treatment: 90 minutes
    • price: 36 €

Gold 24 Ka anti-age

Rich anti-age nourishing formula is intended for a powerful and stimulating face and body massage. After the treatment, skin is almost velvet-like, gentle touch and golden shine. When applied to the body, gold activates electrons hidden in skin cells and starts the cells communication process. The communication process stimulates and renews skin cells.

The treatment includes a full face and body massage with GOLD 24 Ka particles of pure gold.

  • Duration of the treatment: 60 minutes
  • Price: 30 €

Spa essentials

With a little help from a salt crystals, we gently remove the top layer of dead epidermis cells. Salt crystals are rich with minerals necessary to any human being. Additionaly, essential oils enhance skin detoxication. After the peeling, skin is well cleaned, touch smooth, firm and ready for the following treatment. By applying a high energy balm with powerful anti-age effect, micro-circulation in skin’s bloodstream is well enhanced. There is also an effect of hydro-lipid balance and skin regeneration.

The treatment includes

  • The spa essentials salt peeling of the complete body
  • The spa essentials energy balm for the complete body
  • 30 min relaxing massage
  • Duration of the treatment: 70 minutes
  • Price of the treatment: 32 €
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