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A source of health and balance

Advice on using the Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a closed wooden room purposed for relaxation and enjoyment. The heat source is a stove which heats big stone pebbles. Once hot stones are poured with aromatized water, air temperature rises. The air temperature reaches between 60°C and 100°C. Naturally, lower at the bottom, higher at the top of the room, and average humidity is at 15%. Staying in sauna relaxes, enforces immunity, stimulates the blood circulation, releases the tension of the body and causes abundant sweating or perspiration. After the perspiration in sauna, balance is achieved with increased liquid intake, preferably water, tea or juice.

Advice on using the Finnish sauna:

    • To acheve optimal outcomes of sauna treatments, at least three visits per week are recomended
    • Before entering the sauna, make sure you have been to the toilet, had a shower and enter towel dried.
    • Take all your jewellry and clothes off.
    • Do not enter sauna with full stomach, nor hungry, for it might cause a vertigo
    • Don’t drink alcohol before entering the sauna
    • Stay in sauna 8 to 15 minutes
    • If you start feeling uncomfortable or dizzy, leave immediately
    • Spend the last few minutes in a sitting postion to avoid dizziness
    • Cooling down period should last just as long (8 to 15 mins)
    • First cool down on a room temperature air, then under the shower
    • After cooling, you can repeat the treatment.
    • After spending time in sauna, do not in any circumstances visit solarium, because at this point your skin is highly sensitive for UV rays

    Following persons ARE NOT ALLOWED to use sauna: persons with a heart condition, persons with high or low pressure issues, pregnant women, persons who had just had a surgery, people with asthma, kidney damage or varicose veins people.

    Prior reservation of your desired sauna period necessary (1 to 2 hours earlier).

    Working hours: Monday to Sunday: 08.00 AM to 08:00 PM

Sauna price list

  • 1 person/  1 hour –  5 €
  • 2 persons/1 hour –  8 €
  • 3 persons/1 hour – 11 €
  • 4 persons/1 hour – 12 €
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