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Massages & Spa

List of Wellness Services


  • Classic medical massage
  • Antistress massage
  • Massage for extremely dry skin
  • Reflexive foot massage
  • Relax neck massage

Facial treatments

  • Hyaluron
  • Anti-aging
  • Wine therapy
  • Body peeling
  • Milk & honey treatment
  • Gold 24 Ka ANTI-AGE
  • SPA Essentials


List of other treatments

Manicures, pedicures and other treatments

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Other treatments

Massages & Spa treatments

Of the massages we highlight the following:

Classic medical massage

Rich Melissa massage oil contains natural vegetable oils of sunflower and soy, enriched with Vitamin E, restoring hair shine, softness, tenderness and elasticity. It calms the skin, body and spirit, and it smells pleasant

  • Duration: 15 minutes = 50.00 kn
  • Duration: 30 minutes = 100.00 kn
  • Duration: 45 minutes = 120.00 kn
  • Duration: 60 minutes = 150.00 kn


Antistress massage with lavender and tangerine essential oils

ANTI-STRESS massage oil completely soothes, relaxes and restores energy to all skin types exposed to stress. Selected lavender and grapefruit essential oils and the pleasant aroma of sweet tangerine have a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

  • Duration: 30 minutes = 105.00 kn
  • Duration: 60 minutes = 170.00 kn

Massage for extremely dry skin

Sweet orange massage oil nourishes, strengthens, restores the skin, restores its tension and protects it from drying out. Stunning scent affects good feeling and cheerful mood.

  • Duration: 30 minutes = 105.00 kn
  • Duration: 60 minutes = 170.00 kn

Reflexive foot massage

A multi-year energy massage for natural healing and relaxation of the whole body. It stimulates the bloodstream and endocrine system and activates and calms the organs. The result is the restoration of harmony of body and mind and stable health.

  • Duration: 20 minutes = 100.00 kn

Relax neck massage

  • Duration: 20 minutes = 50.00 kn

Of the Spa treatments we highlight the following:

New face treatment services 

  • Hyaluron – 45 min = 150.00 kn
  • Anti-aging – 45 min = 190.00 kn
  • Wine therapy – 45 min = 160.00 kn


Peeling tijela

Pilingom se s površine kože uklanjaju mrtve stanice, a kvalitetna masaža tijekom tretmana vraća koži prijeko potrebnu vlažnost i sjajan izgled.

Piling ima blagotvoran utjecaj na cirkulaciju i prokrvljivanje kože, čime pomaže u uklanjanju mrskog celulita.

  • Peeling cijelog tijela na bazi meda i smeđeg šećera opuštajuća masaža cijelog tijela 45 minuta uljem grožđa
  • Trajanje: 60 minuta = 210.00 kn

Milk and Honey Treatment

In a fragrant synergy, unique noble fruits of nature are captured: royal jelly extract, shea butter, coconut milk and oil provide intense, renewable care for dry skin at any age and an unforgettable wellness experience.

In cosmetic care, honey and milk have long been regarded as a source of luxurious and luxurious pampering, well-being and pleasure.

  • Body peeling MILK & HONEY
  • MILK & HONEY Body Mask
  • Full Body Massage 45 minutes MILK & HONEY Body Butter
  • Duration: 90 minutes = 270.00 kn

R+Gold 24 Ka anti-age

The rich anti-age nourishing formula is intended for a luxurious, stimulating face and body massage. After the skin is velvety and delicate, golden glow.

Upon application to the skin, the gold activates electrons in the skin cells, so a cellular communication process is established (stimulating the renewal and growth of skin cells).

Full body and face massage with GOLD 24 Ka oil with particles of pure gold.

  • Duration: 60 minutes = 220.00 kn

Spa essentials

With the help of salt crystals, we gently remove the surface layer of dead epidermis cells. Salt crystals are rich in minerals needed by the human body, and added essential oils promote skin detoxification.

After peeling, the skin is well-cleaned, smooth and firm to the touch and well prepared for continuing cosmetic care. Energizing balm that has a strong anti-aging effect promotes microcirculation of the skin, establishes hydro-lipid balance and promotes its regeneration.

  • Spa essentials full body salt peeling
  • Spa essentials energy balm for the whole body
  • Relaxing massage for 30 minutes
  • Duration: 70 minutes = 240.00 kn