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Source of health and balance of the organism.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is an enclosed wooden room designed for relaxation and relaxation. The source of the heat is a stone-heated furnace that pours water with aromatic oil, which raises the air temperature. The air temperature in the Finnish sauna ranges from 60 ° C to 100 ° C, with a much lower temperature at the bottom of the sauna than at the top of the sauna. The humidity is about 15%.

A visit to the sauna relaxes, strengthens immunity, stimulates circulation, releases tension and causes profuse sweating. After sweating profusely in the sauna, the balance is achieved by intensifying fluid intake, drinking water, teas and juices.

Instructions for using the sauna are as follows:

  • For optimum effects, three sauna sessions per week are recommended
  • Before the sauna go to the toilet, shower and dry well
  • Before entering the sauna, be sure to remove all clothing and jewelry
  • You do not go full stomach or hungry in the sauna, as it can twist in your head
  • Do not drink alcohol before the sauna
  • Stay in the sauna for 8-15 minutes, if you feel uncomfortable or dizzy, get out early
  • Spend the last few minutes in a sitting position to avoid dizziness
  • The cooling phase should be equally long (8-15 minutes)
  • Cool in the cold air first, then in a cold shower
  • After the cooling phase, the cycle can be repeated
  • Do not use the solarium after the sauna, as the skin is particularly sensitive to the effects of UV rays

Persons who should NOT use the sauna are: people with heart disease, people with high or low pressure, pregnant women, people after surgery, asthma, kidney disease and varicose veins.